10,000+ Downloads of TPR!

I’m happy to announce that the Inaugural Edition of The Preparedness Review has been downloaded over 10,000 times. This number is only what I can track.  It doesn’t include the number of times that TPR has been shared through email with family and friends.

The really cool thing is that this has happened in less than 2 weeks!  Thank you to everyone who has downloaded TPR!  I hope that you are finding the articles informative and worthy of the download.

I would also like to thank the contributors of this first edition!  TPR wouldn’t have been possible without their great articles!

The wheels are already turning for the Spring 2013 edition!  But things will be a little quiet on this website as far as posts go.  Look for an increase of information about the Spring 2013 edition to start flowing around late February 2013.

The best way to keep up with TPR updates is to sign up for email updates.  The emails are directly tied to the posts.

If you have any feedback or comments, please feel free to leave it here.

Thank You Again!




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