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Do you feel like time is of the essence?  I do!  Many times that feeling drives me to do what I do on www.prepperwebsite.com.  I started Prepper Website in September 2011.  In all this time, one thing that I hate to see is all the great articles and posts get pushed down and archived somewhere on the authoring website.  If the website isn’t SEO optimized or someone doesn’t search for a specific topic or word, it might never get the play that it deserves.  I would like to change that.There is a lot of great preparedness content out there for newbie and older preppers to learn from.  I would like to package it so that it just doesn’t stay on a website somewhere, but it gets placed in a modern form that people can access from their computers, tablets, smartphones or other electronic devices.

Every community or niche has their own review or journal: The Harvard Review, The New England Journal of Medicine, American Journal of Science.  Most of them have their electronic counterpart too.  It’s time for the Preparedness Community to have theirs!

In the time that I have run Prepper Website, I have become really good at spotting those great articles, videos and podcasts.  I would like to help bring those articles to the preparedness community in an eJournal called The Preparedness Review.

Imagine an eJournal with a lot of great preparedness content…for FREE!  Who wouldn’t want to read and archive that?The Preparedness Review will be published (at this point) twice a year.  The Fall and Spring editions will be available for download for free from www.thepreparednessreview.com.

The Inaugural edition of The Preparedness Review launched on November 1, 2012.


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