TPR – Spring 2013 Edition – RELEASED


The 2nd edition of The Preparedness Review is now available as a FREE download.  Yes, you read that correctly – FREE.  The 2nd edition of TPR is a 2.78mb download filled with 17 articles (76 pages) by well-known authors in the Preparedness Community.

After the release of TPR1 (14,100 + downloads), I know this one will be even more popular and read.  With all the various articles, there is something in TPR2 for everyone!  SIDE NOTE: If you don’t have a USB Flashdrive for your preparedness PDF’s and documents, you should get one to safeguard your preparedness resources.

TPR is filled with links and other resources as well.  Every link (and sponsor) is clickable.  There might be some issues with linking from some tablets and smartphones since PDF’s haven’t caught up there yet, but as soon as they are, you will be able to click from there too.

To download TPR2 – Click Here!

Feel free to check out – What Can You Do w/ TPR.

I would like to thank the contributors:

  • Chris Ray
  • James W. Rawles
  • Ray Gano
  • Creek Stewart
  • Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy
  • Tess Pennington
  • David Safewater
  • Joe Nobody
  • Gaye Levy
  • Daisy Luther
  • Erich
  • Gary Griffin
  • John Beck
  • Jeff “The Berkey Guy” Gleason
  • Brandon
  • Michael Bunker
  • Chris Newman

You can visit all their websites and links by clicking on the links in the review.

I would also like to thank the sponsors.  These guys have some great products and I would appreciate it if you would visit their online establishments.  TPR2 was sponsored by:

Just FYI – The best way to stay up-to-date on what is happening with TPR is to sign-up for the email notices on the right sidebar.  You will receive an email every time there is a new post…and I try not to abuse it!


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