What Can You Do w/ TPR?

What can you do with The Preparedness Review?

1. Read, Read and Re-Read – The articles contributed to The Preparedness Review are written by people in the preparedness community who take care to bring you the best of information.  Being familiar with the information provided in the review is in your best interest.  The more you become familiar with a topic, the easier it is to store the information in your long term memory, thus adding to your overall preparedness.

2.  Print It Out – The great thing about the review is that it is already formatted for you to print the whole review out.  However, if you only want to print out one article, you can do just that.

3.  Give It/ Send It To A Friend – Send the review electronically or print it out.  Giving the whole review or printing out one specific article might be a great way to introduce someone to preparedness.

4.  Archive It – That’s right!  Save it to your computer, flash drive, tablet or even your smart phone.  It will be there waiting for you when the SHTF.

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